June 14, 2009


We have a studio!

Sorry about the sparse postings, but over the past couple of months we've been on a quest for the perfect building for us to record our next album. For a while our journey seemed to consist of one disappointment after the other but we're happy to say we stumbled upon heaven.

Deep in the woods of Delaware, Spintonic Headquarters is slowly rising. We've got some pictures of the process [building, boasting, and burlap] for you but not quite yet.

I really hate to shove this word down your throats again, but we have a TWITTER and alot of the small pleasures [and pains] in studio-making can be more easily expressed in 140 characters.

But, psst: the best stuff is still on this weblog!


Joey said...

Awesome! Photos or something would likely be excellent.

lisa said...

I cannot wait to see how that studio is looking! Oh and, that sofa seems quite lovely.

An said...

You guys are making me consider giving in to the hype and starting a twitter account.

Gabriel said...

The blog IS the best. I don't know how a site with 'twit' in the title ever became so big.

Olivia said...

Forget the photos. Make music. Me want.