November 27, 2011

Related videos from fellow bros.

Two good buddies of ours have released some really good videos for some really great tunes recently.

This phenomenon first occured when our dear friend LANGOR [formerly of the notorious Sw!ms] released a limited edition flexidisc single featuring production from our own Nick & Thomas. Joe plays on the disc, too! We hope this is the first of many things to come from this legend. It was released this past Friday and it'll be available on iTunes and Prairie Queen Records soon!

Only moments later our buddy ROAR released the title song from his 2010 EP "I Can't Handle Change" [similarly engineered and mixed by Nick Krill!]. He has a new record I'm Not Here To Make Friends coming out in 2012 featuring more Krill production and playing from most of us on it. From what we've heard it will change the face of pop music. Until that comes out, keep yourself entertained with this banger and buy / download the record HERE.

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