November 3, 2011

Teen Men

Teen Men - Fall Out A Tree from Jubadaba on Vimeo.

Over the last month I have been collaborating with filmmaker Albert Birney on a musical / visual project we are calling Teen Men.

The project was kind of birthed out of the fact that we were both coming off of really long and intense projects (The Spinto Band’s new LP "Shy Pursuit" for myself, and for Albert, his first feature film “The Beast Pageant.”) and we both needed to work on something spontaneous and make something that was more of a gut musical / visual thing than a really labored over project.

The impulsiveness and intuitive approach enabled us to produce work that is more pure and instinctual than I have made before. In the end, the experiences and skill sets we each developed during our prolonged projects allowed us to forget about the technical aspects of either the recording or filming and enabled us to present more visceral work.

We collaborated on both the musical and video aspect of Teen Men…with myself taking the lead in the studio and Albert taking the lead with the video.

The song also features Philadelphia musician Rick Flom playing piano, and Artist Catharine Maloney on vocals.

Special thanks to Gretchen Lohse for helping with the video too.




Fartin' Barton said...

This is really a sweet, sweet song/video combination, to put my reaction as succinctly as possible. Does that shot of the fork in the guitar indicate a sorta prepared guitar technique to get that great tone?? If so, awesome. If not, still awesome.

-Barton Lewis, proud long-time subscriber/first-time commenter on this blog

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