February 8, 2012


...Like it's never been on sale before.

That's right, folks. The critically acclaimed release from 2008 is now available directly FROM US. At a low, low price of just $8.99 you can purchase a digital download of the album that made the people go CRAZY. Just look at these reviews:

"...Warm and cathartic, with all the hopefulness of a balmy summer night. " - SPIN

...Unusually taut and polished, with hooks, crescendos, and clever turns of phrase nearly always in the right place. " - Pitchfork

"Despite some subtle new touches --a harpsichord, a banjo, light strings--the sound proposes constancy." - The New York Times

"the third album from the Brooklyn-based art rock band TV on the Radio, is a vivid, angry, sensual soundtrack to the haunted life." - LA Times

...Hey, I never said they were our reviews. Have you heard it? Get it here.

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Impatient-eared Relic said...

"Moonwink" is a fantastic album, but I need to hear "Shy Pursuit"...preferably before I retire...