June 29, 2005

Hotlanta Part II

Ok- back from 10 High Club.

Tonite was a BLAST. Except that our sound man was a complete wang-dangler! I've never had to play quieter in a non-residential environment. Besides running a poor sound board, the guy obviously didn't want to be there. He rushed us in and rushed us out. Scott says he is "douchy." eh- Atlanta is a fun town though.

They do have bum-hammocks here. There is this park we walked by and there were 7 hammocks (1 for each of us) with a sign saying "hammocks for the homeless," or something to that effect.

Also- one of the bands called Friendly Weapon dedicated a song to the dude's "weenus."

Wish us luck on our huge drive tomorrow.


orlando said...

ALRIGHT you guys are coming to texas. i dj on a radio station in san antonio and we LOVE your cd. when you come to austin,come on down to san antonio and do a radio session for us. pleaseeee lol.

if anything, im gonna contact your label so we can do some interview thing in austin.

weve played tracks like 5 weeks straight...and counting.

have a great tour.


orlando said...

o yeahhhh send me an email if you like at