June 28, 2005


So we arrived in Atlanta at 5 in the morning. Haven't updated you folks in a while so I thought I would take a minute to explain a few things.

First and foremost, The Milestone in Charlotte NC is a pretty great club. All the people there were incredibly nice and they sold moon pies behind the bar and had a bigscreen tv with a Nintendo hooked up to it. This place is pretty historic apparently and has been hosting shows as far back as 1969. We have been playing at some pretty sweet clubs along our tour, but this one had its own personality to it that made the experience quite the ho-down. Not to mention the craziest band I've seen in a while. Cryptorchid Chipmunk had a bunch of costumed West Virginians running around the venue singing songs about farting and blow-jobs. Tom uses the word "spaz" to describe these guys, Scott uses the words, "chaotic" "costume" "naughty-words" and "performance".... as well as "the bass player wore a dildo." They were crazy.

There were also these really nice guys who are on tour and were pretty cool called Elementary Thought Process They're from Jonstown PA or something and the lead singer had a tatoo that looked like his flesh had been ripped off his arm to expose the gears that made him work. Their gears were well oiled and their keyboard player was pretty good at Contra (but didnt know the Konami code!!)

Chapel Hill was hilited by the pizza shop Pepper's Pizza. Scott's face upon biting into the pizza was priceless. I'll try to convince him to post his pizza journal entry here on the journal.

Norfolk VA (have I talked about them yet?) was great too. Everyone at Relative Theory Records was super! Hopefully we will be back there. I thought about it and decided that Norfolk VA could be added to my list of places I wouldn't mind living (right behing Madison WI). It had a sweet record store, a beach, and a surplus of "slam pieces." The pizza left a bit to be desired though (I'm starting to sound like Scott- OH SCHNAPP!)...

eh, thats it for now. Im gonna go shave for the first time in a few days.

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Albert said...

I wonder if the keyboard player from Elementary Thought Process was good at Contra precisely because he didn't know the Konami code, and 3 lives was all he ever knew. It's kinda like a child who was raised by wolves. That child would be better at eating his own poop.