June 23, 2005

It Begins

the first anual spinto band eating competition has just begun at exactly 8:30pm on june 22, 2005.

there are currently three competitions going on right now.

the first is the famous galon of milk challange.

albert and lochlan are tryign to drink a gallon of milk in one hour and then keep it down for another hour.

second we have the forty nug challenge.

sam, tom and scott are trying to eat AT LEAST forty chicken mcnuggets. there are twenty other nuggest on standbuy if the competition ends in a tie.

the third challange involves an attempt at the "beef master general" title belt.

jon is goign to try to eat seven mcdonads cheese burgers, thus beatign the previous champion's six cheeseburger record.

finally we have the neopolitan club.

this is nto a compitition but rather a friendly celibration of ice cream. joe, jeff and nick bought a tub of neopolitan ice cream and will split the triforce of cream like so: nick wil eat the strawberry, joe will eat chocolate, and jeff will eat vanilla.

there is also a two leter bottle of holiday spice which will be used in the victory toast.

more to come soon ...

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