June 23, 2005

The Results

46 minutes into the milk-off, Lochlan threw up. Albert, shivering and wrapped up in a blanket, looked on. Having decided that movement of any kind would deter his milk-drinking, Albert took on Jeffrey as his assistant. Jeffrey handed him a three or four more dixie cups which Albert drank. With nine more cups to go and eight minutes left, Albert declared that it was physically impossible for him to drink anymore. The audience agreed.

Here are the symptoms and breaking points for each contestant:

Albert: Intense cramping, brain malfunctioning, shaking, gagging, cold sweat.
Lochlan: A feeling of absolute total capacity. His body "just couldn't handle it."

In lighter(?) news, Jonathan Eaton is the newly crowned Beefmaster General. He has completed his seventh burger and...is not feeling good.

The Neapolitan club has not yet finished, but in all, it should be stated that everybody went for pro.

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