June 24, 2005

Photos from the eating comp

Here are some photos from today's eating competition:

Albert drinks from dixie cups

beef master general

The nugget champs

Lochlan goes for a gallon

dipping sauces anyone?


Zack Denfeld said...

For such a smooth-ass rockandroll outfit you boys are looking very downhome.

I too, like most healthy americans, love to witness a blogcast of an unhealthy eating competitions. Keep up the good work.

Megan said...

I really enjoy the primary colour theme going on with the T-shirts.

Cool Hand Luke had to eat 50 eggs. According to http://www.textweek.com/movies/coolluke.htm, the 50 eggs symbolise the 50 souls of the inmates for whom he sacrifices himself.

Also, I'm glad you have such an abundance of baked goods. Let me know if you want food/lodging when you play in Somerville on the 15th. La mia casa è la sue casa.


Ryan H said...

Congratulations to the winners. Albert and Lochlan should *not* have tried that gallon of milk drinking contest. Haven't they seen the documentary on studentfilms? Nobody makes it out alive.

Albert said...

This is just the beginning. In a few months (years) Lochlan and I will have forgotten how horrible we felt felt and we'll attempt the milk challenge again. Mark my words, there will be a gallon of milk in my belly before my days are done.

Anonymous said...

Was the milk skim, 2percent, or soy?

I was wondering if the McDonalds eaters felt a euphoria as in the documentary?

Anonymous said...

1 percent

Joe said...

Hmm, Is it that your stomache can't handle a gallon? Forinstance, I think I could do like a gallon of water in an hour. Is there something specific about milk, like its too thick, to sit well?

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is the Pepto Bismol in the background!

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