June 17, 2005

Sam Hughes Reviews

Caffeine Rush Joe Turbo Tea - Lemon

To kick off the beverage review tour, I tried my hands at a local favorite. Joe Tea was suggested by my colleague Scott Wiener and seeing as how I had never seen it in my part of the woods back in the Pennsylvania/Delaware region, I bought some while staying in Cranford, NJ. I'm not really an iced tea expert by any means because I honestly never had much of a taste for iced tea until very recently, but I think I've had my fair share since then to judge what I like. Anyway, getting to the tea. The packaging is solid. I could go for a smaller and less bold font on the front, but the red Joe Tea truck logo is nice. The packaging is nice and simple, something that many beverage companies do not understand these days. This is supposed to be a "turbo" beverage judging by its name and they certainly hype up that fact with their description on the label. I'm not sure if I buy into it though because afterall, I'm still drinking iced tea. If the people at Jolt put out an iced tea, they would have me listening, but I think Joe Tea is playing up the caffeine factor too much here. As for the taste, this is a nice tea. I like sweet iced teas a lot, and if you do as well, then you will be satisfied with this tea. As far as I can tell, the caffiene does not detract from the overall flavor which is a good sign, but I cannot help but feel that I'm missing most if not all of the tea flavor in this drink. The lemon comes through very strongly, and the tea counteracts this, but not quite enough for me to give this a very high rating. This is a good drink, but this is iced tea and the tea itself just doesn't present itself well enough. I'll leave you with a few words from the packaging : "Just because you're up - doesn't mean you're awake! If I had to describe this tea in one word it would be: VROOOOOM!" While I wish I could personally back up this sentiment, if I had to describe this tea in one word, it would be "AVERRRRRRAGE!"

Rating 6 out of 10 Bum Shacks


Andriana said...

....now i've absolutely GOT to try dis TEeee

albert said...

Sam, above average review! Have you tried vitamin water? It's my new favorite drink. Lots of nice flavors, all refreshing. And it's that perfect combination between water and juice, where you can taste both. For the most part I hate flavored water but vitamin water really works in my book.

Joe said...

I used to like how my friends grandma made iced tea. It was that powdered kind she would mix with tap water, and in retrospect it tasted like shit. But you could crunch on it, becuase she would like, double the powder, and then add sugar. It was served really cold, and only on summer days when i was in elementary school. My mom always told me never to drink it... which made it taste sweeter (if you can imagine that.)

--Joe Tea