June 16, 2005

Providence was like a dream

So we are back at Cranford NJ where the Wiener family has been nice enough to put up with the smelly spinto boys for yet another day.

Tom, Sam, Jeff, Nick, and Scott all went to buy comics and Joe Tea iced tea... Joe and I are here to noodle around. Watched the end of Dawn of the Dead and decided I should fill everyone out there on our latest happenings.

THIS JUST IN: Scott called, THEY ARE OUT OF JOE TEA! oh man, could this be another Scott Weiner syke out? Only time will tell.

anyway- Last time I updated this I believe we were at the Paradise Lounge, since then the following events have occurred:

1. We spent the night in a Harvard dormatory lounge... comfortably.
2. We drove to providence
3. We ate pizza (hopefully Scott will fill you all in with a pizza review later)
4. played a show
5. Got a massive bag of 100 free bagels*
6. Were wowed by vocalist Seal**
7. Came to Cranford NJ

Thats about it. Things are developing on the August tour routes and I will fill everyone in as information arises.

* Regarding the hundred or so bagels we managed to acquire. Has anyone ever been to Dunkin Donuts at closing time? In typical Americana fashion, they perform extremely wasteful habits. They go tray by tray through their inventory of donuts, bagels, croissant, etc and whimsically throw them into the garbage. As a broke touring rock band with no money for food we attempted to bargain for these donuts at 11:45. The gentleman behind the counter was prepared to give us the donuts until his manager came by and said, "nope- sorry- we may get sued!" So at 12 o'clock we see the nicer of the two employees walking out with a garbage bag and a box of assorted dunkin donuts. We ate them in a heart beat, then Tom was like, "what the heck happened to the rest of the stuff." Next thing we know Tom is missing. Next thing we know after that, Tom is running back from the DD dumpster with a huge bag of something. We open it up and find all of the day's bagels. How glorious! We don't need to buy breakfast for the rest of the tour.

THIS JUST IN: 5 days after the Eatonia2005 Belly Flop Contest, Sam Hughes still has bruises on his chest from flopping! Stick around for a S.B.Hughes peculiar beverage review later today.

** After the Providence show we decided it would be best just to drive back to Cranford (approx 2.5 hours away... actually 4 hours). On the way, we thought we may try to request a song on the radio. Nick was dying to hear Seal's Kiss From a Rose and we were enjoying the all smooth all contemporary sounds of STAR 99.9FM, so we thought we would try to request it. Just as Nick had the phone in hand and began to dial, the previous song ended and what should come on next? guess... ok, give up- sure enough it was Kiss From A Rose! We almost crashed the car in amazement and then had a glorious sing along to the smooth voice of Paddington's own Seal.

So- tomorrow night is the TLA/Fire show in Philadelfee. I am most excited for that, so please come out. ALSO- we should mention that the PianoNYC show on Saturday is cheaper if you preorder the tickets. So maybe think about that because NYPD tells us that the Pianos show may draw the riot police.

nick wants to try: herding up gladabouts.


Dri said...

HAHAHAH I love that story.

Joe said...

Which Dawn of the Dead did you watch? If it was the new one, you were robbed. If it was the origional, the George A. Romero one, you were treated to eye coccaine (only overdosing is a great thing).

Go see the new Romero, the final of the "Dead" saga, Land of the Dead, in theaters on the 24th.