June 3, 2005

Start part 2

I created this blog yesterday only to find that I forgot the username and password that is needed to sign in. How silly. Goes to show how unfortunate this task could turn out. So this is blog version 2. Read on.

The spinto band/ BCC tour is up @ http://www.spintoband.com feel free to investigate to see if there is a city near you where we ill get to play. Matt just sent us this information about our Hot Springs Arkansas show:

Hot springs is a fading resort town in unfashionable arkansas
(according to a BBC documentary about it. they talked about the zoo
with IQ and the bathhouses and barbeque and kitschy stuff also.) but
it's got about 100,000 people mulling about in the county and is close
to little rock, which is where the action is. But this valley of the
vapors thing is kinda neat -- they had one in the spring that was
great turn out and all that jazz. billy the guy who runs it (and I've
only met him once, briefly) is a transplant from chicago where he was
in this ska band the Blue Meanies. but he's got his contacts. viva
voce played, which was packed. viva voce was featured on the OC. have
you guys been on the OC? I'll lie and tell people you were, and they
won't know. maybe not.

Thanks for the info Matt!

Thomas and Sam are finishing up their semester at Bennington and we are
all excited to see what sort of haircuts they come home with. Hurry home
boys. Nick is out recording the Bullet Parade whom will pop in for a few
shows on our tour (have you checked the tour dates yet?) Can't wait to see
what new songs they are going to unleash. Jeff is finishing up work with the
flower shop as he prepares to do double duty on the tour, drumming for both spinto
and bikini carwash. Joe is also getting ready to quit his job for the tour.

I just finished putting together a new spintonic.net and still have miles of work
I want to do with it. Got to hurry as hopefully the link in the cd will help get
some people looking/listening at the lovely artwork featured.

Hmmm. So this time I am going to try to remember the username and password and keep
this updated. Tour starts in 11 days.

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