June 13, 2005

And so it begins!

We just got into Cranford NJ after a great day of tour fiasco. In typical spinto band fashion we waited until this morning to do a hundred things.

Nick says hi.

Tomorrow night is our first show in Boston. We are excited. Bubbling. Here is the necessary information: http://www.thedise.com/lounge.html - The Paradise Lounge:

Tuesday 6/14 - BPU showcase featuring The Spinto Band, The Bikini Carwash Company. Doors 8 PM 18+ $8

we don't know what the BPU showcase is YET.

Jeff's favorite cheese right now is Boursin. (Spelling reliant on Sam Hughes spellcheck.)

the winner of this trivia question (just post your answer in a response to this blog post) wins a guest spot list at the spinto band show of their choice.

What 2 movies from 1987 had the same title and the same leading actor??

Today we made some rules to CD listening in the car. Here they are:
1. Driver has final say
2. Passengers may make suggestions
3. If driver doesn't play the suggestion within 3 minutes it is considered a pocket veto
4. Randomizers will be chosen by the passenger flipping blindly through a CD wallet until the driver says the word "STOP!" (no wammies!)
We want to take a moment to introduce a new temporary member of the band. Our dear friend Killer. Killer threatens coups and hatchbacks on turnpikes all up and down the east coast*. His 4 x 8 frame is what dreams are made of. His glory will reign until we find a better deal on a rental trailer.
I will check back in soon. Tom and Sam are trying to hustle the New Jersey transit authority so they can go see the Architecture in Helsinki show in Brooklyn tonite.
hasta la vista
*we do not know how Killer will fair in the midwest... only time will tell.

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