July 11, 2005

Per Request: Sam Hughes Reviews

Beverage Review: Coca-Cola Zero

I actually first bought and had this soda a day before the tour started, but since mr/mrs. anonymous wanted my opinion, then you shall have it. The diet soda craze has a lot of upward momentum and this soda fits right in line with that trend. When I orginally heard about Coke Zero I heard bold claims that it would "taste exactly like Coke, but contain no calories because that's what young adults want." While I can't argue with the sentiment, I knew this was too true to begin with and my taste buds agreed. There is no doubt that that this is a better diet soda than Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, but it really has no business identifying itself with regular Coke Classic. If Coke couldn't make C2 taste like Coke Classic, then they definitely couldn't pull off a miracle and make Coke Zero taste normal. The "diet coke" after taste isn't as offensive in this soda, but I would reccomend drinking it somewhat quickly as I found the carbonation to wear off abnormally quickly for whatever reason. I don't like the packaging all that much either as I'm missing some of the red which I look to for Coke products, but it makes sense to stick with a whiter package as to not confuse the diet soda drinkers. Over all, this is an overall average product, but it is probably the most satisfying mainstream diet beverage out right now (possibly only rivaled by Pepsi One) and I prefer it over diet Coke. Then again, I kind of hate diet sodas in general, so suck it.



Anonymous said...

i thought of you today mr hughes....while working at tops (a grocery store), a lady purchased a six pack of pepsi and a fridge pack of coke....i felt as if the two should have to gone to battle once i place them back into the cart. but they didn't, much to my dismay.

Anonymous said...

could you let us in on your personal favorites? the top ten? thanks....

Anonymous said...

Dear Samuel,
It's big Will from THS. I was going to suprise u guys and show up at one of your Philly shows last month, but my schedule kept getting in the way. Anyway, I have been following your guy's success and it's really great. I will definitely hook up with u the next time u are in Philly or DE. and a side-note for the soda review. Also, you need to branch out, I would like to hear your reviews of those carbonated, fantzy waters that people still call water, but are really sodas. hit me up on the e-mail at pennbigtime@yahoo.com.
P.S. Tell your dad I said hi and to stop spazing out.