July 14, 2005


So we played at Rothkos last night in the big NY. Thanks to all who came out and supported. Noticed a lot of new heads in the audience that I had never seen at spinto shows before, as well as a lot of old friends like my favorite Ithicanian, Dan Lane.

Sarah Lewetinn pulled out all the plugs to promote for this show, and it worked.

The Nightmare of You guys were super nice as we found out at a pre-show BBQ that Sarah vegetariacized into my belly. She made a charcoal pyramid. They also had some pretty great songs which were performed at the show. Don't think that because their hair is perfectly tattered that they are hooligans. They are not, they are talented and energetic songwriters who most definitaly smoke it true.

Nick confused his gizmodgery on stage again last night confusing the latest cellular device, the Sidekick, with Gob's favorite form of transport, the Segway. I got a real kick out of it.

We also had an Oh Mandy single that was birthed last night. It has an Oh Mandy remix on it and a Thomas Hughes classic, Misogyny is Cool. Im not sure where you can get it, but try Sarah's site or come out to a spinto show soon. Maybe saturday night at the Knitting Factory with the Bikini Carwash Company and Bullet Parade.

Finally, please tell me this isn't Beast Wars in action: 30,000 honey bees v. 30 hornets

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