August 7, 2005

chigger bites

so lets see, yesterday we spent a good ol' time in laurance kansas. between barber shops, chigger hunts and word dojo we wound up playign a pretty fun concert at the jackpot saloon.

the day began with a stroll down mass street. this is a rather interesting street and has the most barber shops i have ever seen on a single main street. mass street is also home to the fabulous mass street music. these folks were really top drawer especially their guitar repair fellow. he ended up fixing two of our guitars for free and luckily he didn't have any sort of "technician attitude" which one often encounters with music shop employees and live sound technicians--we think these people may have all had a similar traumatic experience during childhood that makes them all wang dangles. but anyhow mass street music was great and no wang dangles in sight.

after the music shop we hung around the jackpot saloon and played "word dojo"

after word dojo we were pretty tired so we went looking for food. luckily the hippies fromt the "food not banks" club were giving out free bagels and some kind of rice dish right down the block from the club. this little get togeher was characterised by bandanas worn around necks (like this !! but on humans) and photocopies of atom bombs exploding. that got me thinking of the manhatan project and some of the interesting characters involved with it, notably Richard Feynman and tom dowd

anyhwo that filled us up pretty well.

special thanks to Becca for housing us and being a most excellent host throughout our stay in Kansas. Good luck in your final year of college.


alexander Kargher said...

haha. i'm reading Feynman's auto/biography now. did you see the tom dowd movie? fuckin awesome

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