August 6, 2005


So this tour I want to try to keep a special entry focused on the various clubs we play in. I will try to rate their bathrooms, their drink specials and hotness of the bartenders (when applicable)... we will start with Mojo's in Columbia MO....

My favorite part about Mojos was all the nice people there. The bartender bought us shots and was reading Frank Miller comics when we got there. The sound man made some good jokes about the midwest, and the waitresses answered our questions about fancy shots without looking at us funny. They also had a VJ that was real nice and jockeyed his only Cardigans video for me when I requested it. Unfortunately it was this video.

The bathrooms at Mokos were adequate. I did a #1 and a #2 there and both were undisturbed and satisfying. I rate it a good rating, not great though

The drink specials were above average. The band got all the free generic beers we wanted and the barkeep refused to let us tip him because he is the man. Tom rates their other drink specials The Bomb. We had a rootbeer bomb which the barkeep bought us. It is a shot of rootbeer schnapps in a beer that you pound. i say it was ok, tom says it was the bomb.

Mojos was a good start to the tour. While it was your basic summer college town vacancy, we still had fun. Then we went to a Ramada Inn and swam. There was a taxidermy convention at the Inn.


Megan said...

I don't know which of you is doing the club reviews, but I just came across a Sam Hughes specialty-- Steaz brand green tea soda - ginger ale flavoured. My friend Sam, no relation, tried it, and he said it tasted like there were vegetables in it. He offered me some, but carbonation hurts my tongue.
If you get a chance, it's probably worth a look. It's even USDA certified Organic.
(Link below.)

Ryan said...

"carbonation hurts my tongue."

I'm having a problem figuring that one out.

Anonymous said...

Mojo's is the best!!! For some sick reason I want to call the VJ Nigel. Is that so wrong? You will have to come back when Columbia is in the swing on things. Not to mention the youngin's will be able to partake in the fun.

Keep rocking Missouri's world,

Thanks- a greatful fan.