August 6, 2005

Continental Grift

we managed our first continental breakfast grift on the way to St. Louis. It was great. Awesome glazed donuts, o.j., and coffee. Premiere, especially since I was getting towards the asleep at the wheel stage of the game.

The hilite of the grift was when Tom spilled coffee all over his Cryptorchid Chipmunk shirt and made a great chipmunk sound to accompany it. If I had to onamonapeasize the sound, it would go like this, "grrrrrrphhhsssss" real fast.

(there is a 3 stooges movie on right now and the guy from fantastic 4 is playing curly. note: not a real 3 stooges movie, but a movie about the stooges)


Remiker said...

That's not just some guy from the Fantastic Four... that's the fucking Commish!

Ryan said...

Fucking Commish is right, Mike. I remember that Three Stooges movie on ABC. It was hot.

Anonymous said...