August 11, 2005

Kilby Court

So the Kilby Court was pretty great.

Its located in Salt Lake City.

The sound man was nice, and the door lady was attractive (nudge, nudge).

The bathrooms were clean, and the sodas were free (no alky here). The Happies were happy and put us up for the night with homemade bread and massive zucchinis that we graciously enjoyed. Tetris took over with a top score of 141676 that stunned everyone.

Back to the venue. its hidden in this little alley, which I liked. We thought we were lost and drove by it 3 times before we walked into a nice courtyard and some sodas. Jeff liked the merch building which was on the other side of the courtyard and across from the room with the stage. There was a bball net and we dusted the rust off of our jump shots.

im going to sleep now


Anonymous said...

Nice and funny blog! i read about you here

Albatross said...

Here's the translated review from the above link:

Perhaps I have done too to involve, perhaps between a couple of months it will have thrown the disk in the faldone of those attractive two days and then enough, who knows! From some week in heavy rotation I listen to Nice And Nicely Gives that I have uncovered to be the first album "major" of a group of the Delaware called Risqué The Band.

A weird mix of magic and attractive emotions since the first listening. They put immediately cheerfulness. They play casual and their song are some gems that go through an immense panorama of feelings and references. For the lovers of definitions and subgenuses I would say that here it is spaced a lot in the environs of the Indian, with pleasant returns to an infinity of groups (strokes, shins, flaming lips, pavement, weezer. ..)

Him "Pushed" I am in you are, young (between the 19 and the 23 years) and also their, like all of the groups, is in possession of a story on the their beginning. In this case the protagonist is Nick Krill, singing and guitarist, that in the to seek in attic a figure of the baseball, has bumped into in musical compositions of the grandfather, such Roy Risqué musician of the sunday; from there legend on the name ecc..

The disk, to my warning, has not long falls the eleven tracks with some really considerable passages like Oh Mandy and a middle level high like in Brown Boxes, Wide Crack The Whip, I Know Calm, Stacey.

To beat itself a little one in net, I discover that the six boys give an image of if same than not cannot please. Simple, in tournèe ask hospitality in exchange for their cd and of drinks/snacks that succeed to take in the local in which play. They challenge themselves to who it eats more hamburger, donuts or other junk food, review cola and cold the, everything via blog..

It will be also this naturalness and behavior cazzone that does to please me them still of more. At any rate, a disk indiepop to hold in consideration..

Anonymous said...

That review was written five hundred years ago by the sage Nostradomis. So close, it has to be right! Spinto's got the bahavior cazzone down.


boss said...

I'm the one who wrote the italian review. Reading it in english gives me a strange sensation.
The album is great. Sorry for the bad english. Too stoned and too tired. Time to go sleep!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you boys are heading out 70 on the way home... but if you are Beau Joes is worth it. It is about an hour west of denver in Idaho Springs. (Pronounced I-dee-hoe)It is worth it if you get the chance. Just make sure to dip your crust in honey. Thats all.

ryan said...

Who knew that Spinto translates as Risqué! That's some Joanie Loves Chachi shit.

boss said...

Spinto is a Italian term that means Pushed. I don't know why google translated with Risquè

Laron said...

Yo Jon, hoped the Boise and Portland shows went well. We'll have to get you guys in the Great Salt Lake next time around eh? In the meantime, you guys will have to work on your tetris skillz.. .

iamlaron at yahoo