August 12, 2005

tap the rockies

So the tetris scores have been piling up on our Game boy here. We have two spintos in the 200,000 club and they both have the last name Hughes. We’ve all been burying our faces in the game boy as we drive by some of the most scenic landscapes in the country. Every couple of minutes I’ll look up from tetris and see a mountain, or even better, a plateau.

Between Boulder, Denver and Salt Lake City a lot of happenings took place. We met this band named Head of Femur. We told jokes about dinosaurs. We ate homemade bread with almond butter. We played some shows… Well I guess that isn’t too much.

Tom took note that there are a lot of S & M shops in Denver. I applaud Denver for not hiding their sexual curiosities in closets and under beds. More people should admit to buying leather bondage equipment and asking where the magic is.

We also discovered where the name Head of Femur comes from. Apparently when Elvis Presley played the Ed Sullivan Show way back when, the producers told the cameramen not to shoot Elvis below the head of his femur because (this is the best part) that’s where rock n roll ends and sex begins. I liked that story.

On the drive to the Great Salt Lake, we drove through a lot of Wyoming. Wyoming is a unique state. From what it seems, there really aren’t any cities there. Just towns and ranches and tumbleweed fences. There is something admirable about this. For a state to feel as though it can succeed without a skyscraper or public transportation system or corporate hotel discount is somehow romantic. It is as though Wyoming had a choice when Denver and Salt Lake City were forming. Should we also make a large city that will house professional sports franchises, large universities, and commercial think tanks? No, who needs it… we’re fine… I like us the way we are.
Thus Wyoming became a part of the union, and its citizens raised horses and summitted peaks, fixed tractors and collected eggs, lived under star filled skies and snowy mountain tops, raised families and earned minimal funding for terrorist protection under the Patriot Act.


Albimo Johanisburg said...

I remember one time Sam and I convinced Thomas that Wyoming bordered New Jersey. I think he only believed us for a minute. Or maybe he didn't believe us at all and was tricking the tricksters by pretending to be tricked. Either way, Yoshi is a dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

If the Go For Pro Champion of '05 is reading this, what is your Tetris high score?

Bill Martin said...

- take me to the gothic castle.
- the gothic asshole?
- that's what i said.

Don't make the same mistake, Spintos!

Scotty McWiener said...

I disagree.....MAKE THAT MISTAKE!