August 25, 2005

the king of des moines

Just found this picture in the tour photo archive. It reminded me of our journey to Des Moines to visit the fair king of Des Moines. We had heard legends that the king of this land grants wishes to worthy subjects quite often. Intrigued by such things, the band went to the magical castle he had built out of gold. We approached his gates hoping for a request of a few bagels or perhaps a place to sleep. However, we soon discovered that this "just" king is quite the opposite. No justice was served as the spinto band was turned away without even being able to enter the castle to make our request. Blasphemous!

You can see our distaste for the king of Des Moines in this picture.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

blasphemy indeed.
in other news congrats on the great pitchfork review.