August 23, 2005

holy moly

Ok so we have some pretty exciting multimedia coming up in this post. get ready.

first up, there are some photos from our
Austin show
thanks to Sarah and all the fellas at Music For Listeners cant wait to get somewhere where I will be capable of webstreaming your show!

secondly, we have some spaceland photos that recently arrived in our inbox. Thank you very much Irene for sending those.

Now that you have looked at those, I have the cream of the crop. Dave at Wookified Productions hung out with us way back in July when we played The Manhattan Room in Philadelphia. He kept filming stupid stuff we were doing and we now know why. Sam says McDonalds has definitaly had soup in the past.

Thanks to all who gave us your photos. They are all lovely.

Keep in touch for a big old blog post of all the head of femur photos I have been collecting, hopefully capped of with some winners at tonites big finale in Nashville.


Anonymous said...

McDonald's totally used to have soup. And Subway did last winter, too. I'm not sure if that comment had anything to do with the video or not because I can't watch it at school.

p.s. The honor society is sending me to West Virginia this weekend for a regional meeting soooooo...
I'll be going a day early to attend your show.

and then he said...

I think its awesome that I have a picture of a guy playing keybaords, blowing a pink kazoo while also wearing an Awesome mos def shirt.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad you all enjoyed the photos. The show was a blast!


orlando in texas said...

we had a great time and cant wait to do it again. remember next time itll be a whole new batch of sodas and teas! the show was guys all kick ass!

music for listeners

ryan said...

McDonalds also had pizza for a while. It was thin crust and salty.

boss said...

I like Pregig Monotony. Interesting and funny! In the middle of the stuff were Bloc Party playing?