August 13, 2005

Soap Attack

Well I had my second encounter with the Sanis by Cintas soap dispenser toady at an Arco AM-PM gas station in Washington (state). The last time I faced this contraption was at the Jackspot Saloon in Lawrence Kansas. The odd thing about this bugger is the way it shoots out the soap. While the run of the mill dispenser spits out familiar goopy liquid soap, the Sanis by Cantas dispenses a jet stream of some water-soap hybrid. Imagine, if you will, a stream of watery soap exploding out of this thing into your hand. The best comparison I can think of is a water pistol. The Sanis by Cantas is probably the public rest room equivalent of the Super Soaker 10.

Needless to say it takes one by surprise and isn’t quite what you want to deal with during a leisurely hand wash. Maybe this is a new breed of “extreme” dispensers, but if that is the case why doesn’t the Sanis just cut out the middleman and spit out Mountain Dew for corn sake.

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kelly said...

what about those hand dryers in public bathrooms that blow so hard that they actually MOVE your skin? what are they called, anyway? seems like they're popping up more and more these days....