January 15, 2006


well, since this web journal started as a documentation of spinto grifts, I thought I would post a pretty solid one that occurred last night in Toledo Ohio.

We were out to dinner with Brock, the pomoter for our show, and enjoying some fried pickles and french onion soup. Our waitress could have easily won the role of the flair guy in Office Space. She smiled from ear to ear and made sure our sodas were filled at all times. At one point she said, "So fellas, whats the deal anyway? Are you guys here for a meeting? is it someone's birthday?" As if seven young gentlemen can't sit and enjoy a meal on a Saturday night. Nick, always on top of his game replied with, "Well, as a matter of fact it is Joe's birthday."

Our waitress, being the future den-mother she was, took it upon herself to muster up the troops and sing Joe happy birthday. At the culmination of the song we snuck in that it was Joe's 21st birthday to which the waitress offered Joe a drink.

So there it was, through an elaborate network of lies, we got Joe Hobson a free drink.

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ryan said...

That's like "meta-grifting", a new advanced form practiced by experienced grifters that's about 10% down the line on the way to extortion.