January 15, 2006

Mike's pancakes

Good ol' Chicago. Full of midwestern beers and beauty queens.

While there we met up with our pals from Head of Femur as well as The Ape Club... The Tomorrow Never Knows festival was pretty great. I applaude the promoter's attempts to get the hibernating bears out of their dens to listen to some music.

After the show, we went back to Mike and Tyson and Matt's house from Head of Femur. One of the hilites of this was Mike's pancakes. Our friend Natalie had made us some oatmeal cookies after she heard that we occassionaly get food out of dumpsters. We utilized these cookies to make pancakes like the one pictured here.

and this photo of Matt is awesome:

1 comment:

nat the brat said...

wait now, is the cookie INSIDE the pancake?