January 12, 2006

Steel City

We have a box... its in our van. Nick and Kevin and Joe built it this morning and it snugly fits all of our gear. Its quite nice, especially since we are about to sleep in steal-city. No robbers can see that we are a rock band. For all they know, we have a box full of sick rattle snakes.

The van took us to Pittsburgh quite nicely. We ate some twizzlers and listened to Woody Allen on the radio.

We played a pretty great venue called the Brillobox. Everyone there was real nice. The owners supplied us with more celery and cauliflower than we could handle. The show went well. mixed it up a bit.

Sam got a 12 pack of Coca Cola Black Cherry Vanilla soda. how bout that.

The fine city of Pittsburgh is growing on me. Everyone is up for a hand shake and a smile. ooh Pittsburghians, thank you for your comradery.

time for sleep.

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