January 12, 2006

Direct To Helmet Video shoot

If anyone wants to attempt to make sense of what will soon be a video for Tom's song Direct to Helmet check out these photos that our friend and photojournalist-extrodanaire, Ryan Donnell, took:



M. Remiker said...

Hey, do I see a trampoline in that video? Could it be... Fire de Chica finally gets it's due? Beautiful. So when will we see this?

See you guys tomorrow night in Chicago (assuming it hasn't sold out for some reason).

C. Fetting-Smith said...

Mike, let's call this video the warm-up to the fire de chica video. And I think you'll see it very soon, or my name's not Albimo Johanisburg!

ryan said...

Woah, there's some pretty good shots in there. The girl in the third reich helmet is almost too intense to look at.