March 15, 2006

March Madness

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I was overjoyed to awake today and find a tournament bracket in my email waiting to be filled. So many decisions. 65 competitors, one champions... endless debate.

I usually like the underdogs, but its going to be hard to go against the 1 seed in the Serengheti region... once the rest of the guys have a chance to look over their animal fact-files (we never go on tour without them)... I will get them to post their winners up here. Dr. Jeff was already disappointed that we couldn't include a Great White as he has been arguing its dominence for a while.

Jon's picks are as follows:
final 4: Gorrilla, Elephant, Cape Buffalo (my upset special), and Kodiak Bear
championship match: Elephant v. Kodiak Bear
champion: Elephant

Sam's expert picks:
final 4: hippo, tiger, elephant, rhino
championship match: hippo v. elephant
champion: elephant

Thomas' picks:
final 4: elephant, rhino, hippo, ox
championship match: elephant vs. rhino
champion: elephant

nick's pics:
final 4: rhino, hippo, elephant, kodiak bear
championship match: elephant v. madison
champion: elephant

Special thanks to Amar for organizing this event.


ryan said...

I guess we're left to wonder only who would win in an elepant-free tournament.

Anonymous said...

Elephant v. Madison?