April 12, 2006

The "Griffin" at Leeds

Okay, so last time we played at Leeds, we stayed at this Comfort Inn that had a lot of Griffin iconography and history on its walls. These posters (shown above) had headlines like "The Griffin at Leeds" and stuff like that. Naturally, we thought this meant that Griffins lived in Leeds a long time ago, or (more likely), that someone found the remains of a fossilized Griffin there. It was an exciting time to be alive.

So, on April 9th, we played Leeds once again and proudly proclaimed to the audience, "It's really good to be back in the birthplace of the Griffin". We thought a remark like this would lead to a deafening applause, but we were met with silence. I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it is to try to convince a group of people that they live in the home of the Griffin.

Our initial response to their confusion was, "We've been duped! That Leeds hotel reeks of fraudulence!". Upon doing searches for "Leeds Griffin" on the internet, we came across a very useful site, The Gryphon Pages. It contains some good commentary regarding Griffins in art and literature, such as this:

"What can I say? There just aren't enough good Gryphon books out there. I've seen books galore staring dragons, unicorns, centaurs and elves, but few that deal with Gryphs."

Well, anyway, there was no mention of Leeds pertaining to the Griffin, at all. This got us all riled up so we decided to take the matter into our own hands.

Armed with a digital camera, I would sneak back into that joke of a hotel and retrieve evidence of their hoax. Here's what we found:

We're a bunch of stupid kids. We didn't read the fine print and boy, are we embarrassed! Sorry, Leeds!


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Megan said...

Apparently Genoa in Italy has links with a Griffin. I'm not sure why... there haven't been any fossilised remains as far as I know, but there is some connection. So much so that a guy I recently stayed there with is getting a Griffin tattooed on his chest.