April 15, 2006

Across the Irish Sea

So yesterday we ventured into a land called something like Ahrlann or Iyein. I can't quite make out what anyone calls it around here.

When Pete told us we were taking a fairy-trip to this land, we all got quite excited. We knew it was a magical land with its leprechauns, goliaths, and whiskey-drunks... but fairys. aren't they make-believe? I think between the bit of Elder Scrolls Jeff and Joe have been playing, combined with the Ricky Gervais DVD we had been watching, all of us assumed fairies could very well exist in these odd lands. Well, you should have seen our faces when we reached the loading point, not to find any fairies at all, but only one large metal ferry. yikes. We were taking this thing? there was a serious lack of magic involved in this trip, and I would be a liar if I said we all weren't a bit pissed off about it.

It was all made ok when we saw a gentleman in the ferry get super sick. Man, it might not have been any fairy dust, but something I've never seen before turned this dude's face the most amazing shade of pale green. He couldn't stand or anything. It was then we realized the forces we were dealing with may be even more powerful than fairies. We all thought it would be best to take it easy. So we put the whiskey away, and went to lie down. Some of us couldn't sleep so we found a backwards version of Black Jack where we watched as tons of stumbly Irish men lost tons of money. We thought, maybe they are just unlucky, we could win where they lost. Boy were we wrong. In better news, I reached the level of Shogun in Hot Shots golf.

Happy Easter everyone...


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Fellas. Good to hear things are going well sometimes over there. Bad to hear that flat tires and shitty sandwiches exist over there. The EU is not making things perfect just yet, but give it time. Soon the economic powerhouses of the world will combine and do something about "bads." Hey, have you had blood pudding yet? I've never been to Europe, but I think thats one of the first things i'd do once i got there.


a said...

The Erin Islands, I suppose? I've been on a ferry to there, except they all speak Gaelic.

Blood pudding is great, by the way. But I thought it was called black pudding or white pudding!

Anonymous said...

What's the egg situation like in Ireland? You should totally hide eggs at the venue you play tonight. There is absolutely nothing more exciting, competitive, and wholesome than egg-hunting. I'm actually surpised it hasn't become a popular sport among the young people. After candy-church-candy-Easterdinner-candy-nap-candy, I'm going to see Pants Yell at the Black Cat and I'm going to hide eggs there.

Maybe if you refered to it as "boat ride!" (with the exclamation point), you'd feel a little bit better about it.

Megan said...

Ewww... they have horrible egg traditions over here. No painted eggs at all! I haven't even seen more white-shelled eggs than usual in the grocery stores like you normally would. No PAAS (or whatever it's called) packages with dye and stickers and little paper egg holders, either. I've been very disappointed. Instead they give out stupid MASSIVE chocolate eggs... still in big cardboard boxes.