April 27, 2006

"You Americans Have Such Bland Crisp Tastes"

I was just looking over some of the pictures on the camera and they reminded me of a story I meant to tell everyone.

While in Newcastle the other night (which was delicious due to the glorious bake sale that was held by these folks.)

Anyway, while bro-hangin' at the venue before the show, we decided to kill time with a few rounds of dice. They had a cool VW bus as a backstage lounge. Nick asked, and apparently they pulled it up through the second story window with a first degree pully. To the left is a photo of us in the bus. Sam is currently rolling all fives, and Tom is like, "man, maybe I'll win yet another game of dice... I am so freakin' good at this freakin' game!" We played quite a few games of dice on this table, as it was fun to watch people get excited and throw the dice too hard and they would fall to the ground. We did not get the free pint glasses featured on the side of the grolsch box though. we forgot.

Well, we quickly grew tired of simply playing dice for spare change, we decided it was time to raise the stakes a bit. In our ryder in Newcastle, Debbora, our graciest hostess, had given us a variety pack of Walker crisps. Within the variety pack was a flavor we all found as upsetting as the scene in Rambo 3 when Jon Rambo cauterizes his own wound in the Afghani cave, which we just watched last night. Anyway, this chip flavor ended up being the only flavor we didn't eat, it was the Lamb and Mint Crisp. It is being modeled to the right by Jon Chapman. We were still high on dice, and decided to raise the stakes by forcing the loser of the next dice round to consume the rest of the lamb and mint chip pakage. We were all fairly grossed out by it, no one more than our delicate stomached guitar virtuoso, Joseph Hobson. Joe had been having trouble with his stomach in recent days, preventing him from eating too much or drinking any sort of alcohol. He decided to join the dice round for the chips because we made him. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, everyone was in good spirits. So we threw the dice, around in the circle they went. Jeff, Tom, Sam, Jon, Joe (not sure where Nick was for this round). Anyone want to guess who lost? haha. Sure enough, the man with the trembly gulliver ended up eating the lamb and mint (they really taste like lamb and mint, its incredibly gross) crisps. We caught it all with the camera.

The Stakes

To The Victor go the Spoils

Here are some other photos we took, including a shot called a flatliner, which the generous bartender allowed us to sample (featuring sambucca with a line of tabasco, topped off with tequila... seriously) and Sam and his doppleganger.



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ryan said...

Looks like Sam got Jack Osbourned.