May 3, 2006

Question marks, Jets, etc.

Well, I have to make this quick because I have reservations on a snooker table down the hall and I need to get to snooking...

Anyway, we are in the city of Cardiff right now and are a few shows into our tour with the Mystery Jets. So far, so fantastic. They are a great band to watch and more importantly are a great bunch of guys.

But, even more importantly I think was the dramatic conclusion to the Snooker World Championship. Yes, Mr. Ghramme Dott finished off Mr. Peter Ebdon 18-14, but it certainly wasn't easy. Dott took a 15-7 lead into the final session before Ebdon won an astounding 6 on the trot. Dott was clearly shaken, but I'll give him credit for making an incredible "plant" shot in the 31st frame to put him up 17-14. Either way, I lost the 5 quid that I bet on Ebdon, but it was worth it because Peter gave it his all.

All those snooker talk is getting me excited, so I'm gonna go and pot some pinks and screw back for some reds. Nothin' better than snooker lingo...

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mogs said...

Seeing as you guys have gone Snooker Loopy, here is the perfect track for you all.

Maybe you could do a cover on the 10th? ;)

Snooker Loopy (Nuts Are We)