May 8, 2006

our latest press photo

what do you guys think of our latest press photo seen below. We snuck behind some people making out and took it, but they noticed us and the whole charade was busted and we felt embarrassed and a bit childish. Then we played dice with the people and all was well. Not sure why it came out blurry, but doesn't it look like Jeff is simulating some humpin'?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for more than 2 or 3 good-natured people to actually be sneaky all at once? I don't think it is.

Oh, well. It's the thought that counts.

Come home safely -- I just saw Dr. Dog a few days ago and now I'm antsy for this upcoming tour.

Philip said...

That was one of the preliminary shots taken while you guys were getting into position. The camera chose that moment to say it didn't have enough memory to store more photos so I didn't have a chance to take anymore. Plus, I was pretty drunk at this point so while I thought I was steady as a rock I was probably bouncin' around all over the shop.


samdmangoi said...

wow u guys are hilarious (and good at music) i luv that game im gonna take it up