May 5, 2006

Hobsons in Amsterdam

Sorry this took so long to get up, but you know.

It started off waking up, not knowing where I was, but once I realized, it was pure excitement. We were in Amsterdam! I just wanted to go find some weed, that was pretty much it, my one goal.

First though, we went to a bagel shop. It had too much cream cheese on the bagel, and no weed in it, so we left. Then, I guess we will skip over the first two places we went because they were rubbish.

We went to the Bulldog and found a nice menu... Picked up some something 44. Then we walked to the red light district.

While strolling through the red light district we saw some girls in windows. They were glaring, not too sexually, looking bored as if they were working in a supermarket, but whoring their bodies out instead. Then we found a cannabis college. The lady there pointed us to the Nes Cafe, which was amazing. She was a stereotypical stoner, but knew her shiznit. A bit of a know it all, but quite helpful. None of us liked her accent.

We made our way to the Nes Cafe, it was smaller than the bulldog, and had the snooker world championships airing on the tv. It was welcoming, with its board games not to mention its great menu where we picked up some super silver haze and santo shiva or something like that, and white-widow hash... that stuff was good. We quickly rolled a doober up. Did we put tobacco in it? no way! Pete and Jon played backgammon, the rest of the guys watched snook, and us Hobbers got our weed on. I must say, I was underwhelmed. Not to say it wasn't great weed, but I feel like I can find better weed... but still.... a very welcoming place. We were happy, sure. Ecstatic, no.

besides that, the town was super nice, and we enjoyed our time there. Joe turned his ankle on a tram track. he was jogging across the street. Lee Hearn was there too. Lee is now officially a few countries ahead of everyone else as the fan who has seen the spinto band in the most countries. Upon leaving, we Bravehearted the rest of our weed and looked forward to more adventures abroad.

yours truly,
Dr. Jeffrey William Hobson


Dean said...

You will have to return. There's a great place called "Hill Street Blues", the walls are pure grafitti, and the great thing is it sells weed AND beer.

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ryan said...

Woah, Fer3mto33rsz. Do you mean I could have a REAL doctorate just like Dr. Jeff in only two weeks?? Tell me more!

Bobby said...

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Bobby said...

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