June 12, 2006

a bill for the ages

Well everyone. Let's just jump right into this, because it has been a while since we updated this little wang-dangle and a lot needs to be said.

Firstly: How about this bill we are currently on? Dr. Dog and The Lovely Feathers. Simply amazing. These bands are travelling with us and working vigilantly towards a simple goal: to rock your socks off. We have a current count of 369,477 socks rocked off and that is only half way through the tour. The world record for 1 tour's worth or socks rocked off is 1,229,002. I think we can beat it. Especially if we can convince the feathers to put these on again. The bands are all really fightin' the good fight and it is showing. Last night in DC I saw people carrying in extra socks .

Tonite we are playing some top secret shite. Tom and Sam and Nick's high school alma mater has asked the spinto band to perform at their after-prom party. At first, we were a bit tentative, but when we heard they were going to have a miniature golf course and pizza in the building, how could we say no? If I remember correctly, high schools really go all out to keep kids from drinking and fornicating after the prom. Little do they know what the spinto band plans on doing to these post-prom pupils. now everyone get your minds out of the gutter.

Moving on, Matt Esolda just shot a video for Trust v. Mistrust the other day. Word from the front said it went extremely well as they had 4 different kinds of rice krispie treats. We hope to see it in all its Rube Goldberg splendor soon.

besides that, we just chillin.


solipsized said...

Lucky students!

CMU2010 said...

It was the shit. Seriously awesome.
Thanks guys.