June 9, 2006

Photo Frenzy

Tom and Sam in Montreal... looking evil

in London

too much baggage

at the snooker party

from Tom's camera... see more of these at his flickr account


Anonymous said...

hell yeah, it's about time you dudes updated this shit. what's the deal with nick and the dogs? and albert directing?

Megan said...

Holy crap. I missed seeing all the Spintos (including Albert?!?) And that looks an awful lot like Zack's beard and hair that Albert is whispering to.... but I can't have missed HIM as well.
Then I would be truly crushed (plus, I've never seen a real live snooker table. Just on TV being caressed by a lean mean Ronnie O'Sullivan)


More Dynamics said...

last night in dc was most fantastic!
i love you all!

especially joe because he seemed quite reserved