August 23, 2006

Stolen Mandolin

Dear friends,

Tonight we experienced a tragic loss. During this evening’s performance at Manchester Academy 3 (08/23/06), somebody stole our Mandolin from the stage.
This instrument has little monetary worth, but provides a wealth of sentimental value to us. It is a Kay electric mandolin with a wood sunburst finish, white pickgaurd, and a crack in the headstock.
We are prepared to offer healthy reward upon its return. In addition, if the Mandolin is received before we play Reading / Leeds, the person who delivers it will be offered tickets to those events.
This is truly a sad day for the Spinto Band. If you have any information regarding its whereabouts or wish to express your sympathy, please contact us.

Yours sincerely,
The Spinto Band.


krisan said...

say it ain't so!! god love that mandolin, i was thinking about investing in one myself. the sneaky bastard.

kari said...

if picks, set lists, and drum sticks weren't enough, now the kiddies are stealing instruments? hopefully mandy finds her way home, soon.

Charlotte said...

Ok, So I don't know if you've seen this but, I got an email before. I posted on the forums also.

Please would you post the following on the spinto band forum for me:, you must understand how sorry we are:

Ok here we go, the full story, first and for most we did not smash up the mandolin, and as far as we know it should still be in perfect condition.

Basically this "incident" was an act of pure drunken stupidity. We felt ashamed. Embarrased and basically like twats, the spinto band did not deserve that sort of treatment.

So after the crowd died down, I personally went back to the academy in search of the band. No-one was around except a few members of "My Morning Jacket". I explained what happened to them and they asured me that the mandolin would be in safe hands with them until it could be returned to the spinto band. They said something about a promoter being able to get it back to them, along with our deepest regrets.

Were really really really really really really really really really really really really sorry!

I hope the Spinto Band and the rest of the Spinto community can forgive us.

Sorry :(

bubblegum64 said...

Hey I was there that night and would really like 2 say i am sorry that some twat from manchester stole your mandolin. We aren't all like that in manchester, honestly. It makes me so mad that I have to live amongst and put up with scum like that. Hope it gets returned soon. bubblegum64 xXx. My bets actually on that weird guy hu pulled himself through the crowd 2 u. Wot did he actually want?(He really hurt my toes).

mogs said...

Absolutely shit news. Heard you got it back it pretty bad shape as well, which probably makes it even worse. Utter twats who did that. Gutted for all of you.

Anonymous said...

There is a rumor that you guys are playing a surprise show at columbia university today. Is this true!?