September 18, 2006

The New Tour Starts Today

Ok folks- off on the road again. Hoping to keep everyone in the loop as best as possible with daily updates to this site.

Since it has been a while, I suppose I should catch everyone up to speed. First off, the mandolin was returned to the spinto band. Apparently the thief felt bad and was convinced by some friends to return it to the club where, the next morning, we retrieved it. Thank you to everyone that helped out with that little fiasco, and I apologize if you did not hear that it was returned. We weren't quite as thorough with our "found mandolin" emails as we were with our "lost mandolin" emails.

As far as this tour goes though, we find ourselves on our way to Carrboro NC to join up with Art Brut and We Are Scientists. Both of these bands are considered rock royalty in many tea party circles, so we are quite honored to share stages with them for the next few weeks. We will be heading to a few new places where no spinto has ever gone, such as Vancouver and Florida. We know Vancouver will be fun, but are a bit freightened of Florida. We hate gators.

In other news, Jeff won a great game of Madden on his computer, which he just figured out how to play people online. This made Jon feel good after he attended the crushing defeat of the Eagles in their home opener in Philly. One side of his face turned pink with sunburn, and now he looks like he may need to wear (more) makeup. We are trying to talk Sam into doing more soda reviews, and maybe you all could help... comment here if you want to hear what Sam thinks of roadside colas, in the lost but not forgotten series Sam Hughes Reviews.

uh oh- laptop battery is about to die and I didn't get to upload that picture of a croc.


krisan said...

bond with keith. please.

Anonymous said...

yaya the carrboro show was stupendous :)

Remiker said...

More Sam Hughes Reviews! Although I still feel like he's crazy for completely dismissing the delicious and refreshing qualities of Mountain Dew: Baja Blast.

michelle said...

Bring back Sam Hughes Reviews!

Anonymous said...

Sam Hughes Reviews more!!