September 22, 2006

Love Bugs

looks like we hit the Gulf Coast at a magical time. Love Bug season! According to Wikipedia, twice a year (Sept. and May) Love Bugs launch onto Florida motorways and stick to windshields in hordes. Ford Econoline vans are their greatest predators, and we messed 'em up good-like today. At one point everyone thought it was raining because of the rapidity of bugs hitting our windshield. A few miles up the road, our sound man, Dave, looked up from his DaVinci Code in the front seat of the We Are Scientists van because he too thought it was raining. There was no rain today though, just hundreds of thousands of Love Bugs. It was amazing. The rest stops had bug washing stations set up, so you could clean all the love bugs off your car.

J.P. told us that they were engineered by Univ. of Florida students, and then escaped the lab and bred like crazy till they took over the Gulf Coast, but we have since learned that J.P. is a liar... and a funny drunk.

I wonder if Disney World is even infected with them.


krisan said...

oooh, a love bug rainstorm. i think i'm going to throw up. better than being on a roller coaster and feeling like its raining because of all the bugs though. been there.

Anonymous said...

ha, i can just picture disney world infested with bugs..ew. gross. :)