September 19, 2006

no love for Ned?

well, I thought I would let everyone know (again) about a pretty cool internet radio show. It is presented by a man whos love for X Files is only surpassed by his love for music, Ned. You can check it out at .

there is a set by the spintoband up on the site, plus some other great bandolinas.

Im currently sitting in Ned's living room (and stunned at his DVD collection) wondering what I should do for breakfast, or if we should just show up to today's show late, and stick around here awhile and watch Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.


krisan said...

shortnin' bread.

i'm going to have to listen to this thing.

Bobby said...

Ned Flanders?

michelle said... was good, real good.

Anonymous said...

harold and kumar...greeeaatt movie :)