October 30, 2006

a fine travel day

What do most people think of when they think of touring bands?
1. wild parties
2. non stop drinking
3. lots of kissy-kiss goin' on

What do most touring musicians think when they think of touring bands?
1. too much travel
2. too much travel
3. scorpions

Whether or not the above lists are true is negotiable. However, the last 24 hours have proved that we do way more traveling than kissy-kissin' when on tour.

Lets start with the plane ride from Philadelphia to London. It was not too bad. They charged us for headphones and alcohol though, so Sam soberly watched Little Man without any sound. He said the plot was too complicated to follow without being able to hear anything... Understandable.

Upon arrival, we traveled some more... on a bus. The bus is nice at least. There's a DVD collection that is about 85% horror movies, so we are hoping to have the Halloween all 14 year old girls have- sit around and watch horror movies and eat popcorn and do each other's nails.

Upon arriving at the club in Bristol, we thought we would be done being on moving vehicles only to find out that the club was a boat! So we spent the rest of the night on a firmly grounded boat-venue called The Social. I still think of this as traveling- even though it really wasn't.

and then as far as scorpions -


krisan said...

what do i think of when i think of the spinto band gigging in the uk??

1. blaine harrison shows up.

ok, so i don't think of this. but i hear it went down...

Joe R. said...

What horror movies do you have?

kate said...

when you all sit around to do your nails, go for sparkly nail polish. looking at that stuff can entertain you for hours.

mortal kombat: nice. i wish i still had Sega.

K.L. Thompson said...

Keep travel sacred; it's the key to survival.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Bristol gig at Thekla Social. Thanks for another memorable gig in Bristol. Hopefully next time you can make it to the Fleece & Firkin. Strangely quiet crowd on Sunday, which I'll put down to the dread of the next morning's work.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel comfortable with the distinction you've made between kissy kissin' and scorpions. I was under the impression they were one and the same?

ryan said...

Don't know if you guys caught this on the Musings Board..

"They are coming on November 16th. I haven't seen them yet but I will."

Borja Ferrer on The Spinto Band. Woah!

inkling79 said...

I hope this starts a domino effect of Musers meeting Borja. I want to be next.

Katie said...

I watched 'A Beautiful mind' once one a plane without any sound...now that was complicated too understand considering the main man goes schizophrenic and starts imagining spies are forcing him too work for the government :S

Ryan M said...

Oh my! It's called the THEKLA??? This... wouldn't happen to be... VIVIAN FUCKING STANSHALL'S boat would it???


Ryan H, is the real world not stranger than fiction?