November 5, 2006

Photo asskick

Roy Spinto stamps. Ressurected by plate faced Trevor Jones.

Call me Diesel, Nick Diesel!
"Henry, sorry I just kicked your ass so bad. What was that about you being in a boy band again?"
What Joe looks like when he is in the zone.
Nick is wondering if he looks sad in all photos.

Looks like dice in your hand there my good man

bring it pins! bring it.

"Man, who the heck told us it was 70's night tonite? I'm gonna get 'em!"

Instead of using notches on his bedpost, Dez keeps track of how many girls he made out with by using lipstick markings on his cheek. So does Jon, but he has no game.


Post Strike

When spinto-manager Trevor Jones showed up in London the other day he claimed we hadn't been posting enough photographs of our adventures in London. On that note he snatched the camera from us and started snapping photos of our ULU show, bowling adventure and barfly DJ set. here are some hilites from the 150 pictures he took.


K.L. Thompson said...

Jon's impression of Thomas in photographs...?

krisan said...

i dig.