July 20, 2007

An $85 Nintendo 64 helps no one.

Dear Salvation Army,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually a fan of your thrift stores. In fact, I’ve purchased most of my pants and bric-a-brac from some of your finer establishments. In terms of quality, service and management, your shops are always miles ahead of your smiling competitor. You organize your clothes by both size and color and you keep your prices low to accommodate those in need of inexpensive t-shirts and coffee mugs. You even reward loyal patrons by offering daily discounts and sales, and I can’t really explain why, but I’ve always felt a sense of warmth upon walking through your doors.

However, upon entering your location at 201 N Brand Boulevard the other day, I was met with an unfamiliar feeling…one of disgust. Now, this is Los Angeles, I know, and some of your stores in bigger cities like New York are usually picked over by the vintage shops in the area, which is to be expected. That is not why I’m upset.

The store in question was filthy, disorganized, and extremely over-priced. Now, there is a slight chance I’m letting my prejudices of this city color my judgment here, but a twenty-five dollar typewriter that didn’t even work? You must be joking. In addition to that, there was a serious lack of effort in the organization of clothing. I’m going to guess that the lack of gender separation owes less to the progressive nature of California and more to sheer laziness of the staff.

The thing that really got my goat, however, was the $85 Nintendo 64 you had in your little display case. Eighty-five dollars? Did you even do any research before you affixed that ridiculous price to its plastic casing? The Nintendo 64 came out ten years ago. On Ebay they are going for about 25 bucks, and that’s the worst place to find a deal. From what I could tell, your Nintendo 64 didn’t come with any games, controllers, or even a power source. The Salvation Army has never been an antique shop, nor should it strive to be one. You’re supposed to be a charitable organization whose goal is to help your fellow man, and an $85 Nintendo 64 helps no one.

I mean, I don’t even want the Nintendo 64, but what about some old woman who thinks their grandchildren might? You want to rip off a poor old lady? Then you’re a dick, Salvation Army. I thought I knew you.

- thomas


Ryan said...

I bet they were selling those Burger King games, too. 25 bucks for Pocket Bike Racer. Those crooked retards.

Katie L. Thompson said...

Preach on, Brother Thomas!

EvilRabbit said...

Ugh, you must have went to that icky Salvation Army in Glendale not too far from the Glendale Galleria.

krisan said...

holy shit, what a rip! and i'm one to complain and refuse to pay $3-6 for pants in dire need of alteration. i did buy a cassette recorder last week for $2 and turns out it doesn't "work"...bloody crooks!

Anonymous said...


An said...

and I thought I got ripped off buying a $15 typewriter.