July 18, 2007

Based on a True Story

"It's about kookin' time!" blurted a young midwesterner when discovering the latest news from Delaware gringo-pop six piece The Spinto Band. Quickly slipping on a pair of Vans and hopping onto her motor-scooter, the excited corn consumer went uptown to climb the tallest steps of the public library to the uncongested computer cluster housed behind the architecture books. She swiftly uploaded and downloaded the latest feeds from dot coms and dot co dot uks and a few dot nets until she realized she was late for her garden club meeting and exited the way she arrived.

The kookin' time news was all about the prementioned band being back in the studio to record a few songs that will undoubtedly form a record and be released sometime, somewhere in the midwest and maybe even Australia.

The band thought it was a good idea to let people know. The next five weeks or so will be filled with guitar intonation, tape head alignment, drum sounds, microphone mumbo-jumbo, proper mood lighting, and a fuckload of burritos. Hopefully, keeping with a deep hearted promise they made to themselves, they will keep everyone informed with news and other such happenings at the very URL you stand before. Keep in touch.

Damn Straight

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