July 29, 2007

Celebrity Spotting with: THE SPINTO BAND!

When we first set foot in this beautiful "City of Angels", we had a hunch (or was it a hope?!) that we might encounter a living, breathing, CELEBRITY...But who knew that we would encounter so many?!?! I guess when you're so close to "Tinsel Town" it's inevitable that you're going to come WITHIN INCHES of someone who works in this "Business of Show". Pardon the late post, but we're still a little starstruck from last night's sightings.

...So we were driving down HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD (I guess we should have KNOWN something CRAZY would happen there!) and guess who we saw?! The one and only Darth Vader! And he was hanging out with a Storm Trooper!!! There must have been a MOVIE PREMIERE because the STARS we're out that night, and I'm not talking astronomically! Right after we observed "Ol Darth", we saw none other than Wolverine! From the much buzzed-about group, X-MEN!!!

Now dear readers, I believe we have an exclusive bit of GOSSIP for you. Wolvie was having a conversation with silver screen LEGEND Freddy Krueger. Could this be the beginnings of a future project?! Who knows?! Well, one thing's for sure: you heard it here first!

And when we finally thought our Celebrity Luck Well had run dry, out of the woodwork walks Hollywood up-and-comer Matthew Perry. If you've never seen a MOVIE STAR in person, you're in for a treat. Matthew was just as handsome as he is on screen, except he was tanner, more buff, and had WINGS! (photo below)

Well folks, I have a feeling we're going to spot more of these elusive creatures they call CELEBRITIES in the near future, so keep checking in!

The Spinto Band with Matthew Perry (dramatization)


krisan said...

my GOD, (you) "freaks"!!!?!

Jon said...

you guys forgot about the devil. duh!

catalina said...

you crackheads