July 27, 2007

Unfunny activities, made funny by doing them while sitting on a beanbag chair.

1. husking corn
2. making an important life decision
3. witnessing an execution
4. complaining about your iPhone
5. Giving Birth
6. watching King of Queens
7. trying to convince your roommate that it wasn’t you that drank the last of his milk.
8. disciplining your children
9. Delivering the Gettysburg Address
10. waiting in line at airport security
11. begging for change
12. flirting
13. being a supreme court justice
14. renewing your wedding vows
15. cleaning your rifle
16. trying to sit like AC Slater
17. getting up from a seated position
18. buying a bean bag chair


kari said...

19. reading this blog

krisan said...

god damn i want some cool ranch doritos now! at least king of queens is on it 6 minutessss wooooo.

Anonymous said...

2 bean bag chairs/ THATS CRAZY TALK

Anonymous said...

cleaning your rifle is never funny.

its serious business.

Gabriel said...

Alright, how about a challenge? How about a list of activities that are in no way funny while sitting on a beanbag chair? I'm really not sure such a list exists, and I doubt one ever could.