July 21, 2007

Well For That Price....

I spent 26 long years searching out things that are just expensive enough for me to want to buy them with the logic, “well, for that price- it must be good.” This logic comes at different times for different souls. The wealthy business owner uses such logic while shopping for automobiles or swimming pools while the apron-stained diner cook thinks this when vacationing in Reno. Regardless of where one experiences such logic, it is undoubtedly a universal feeling had by men from all corners of the earth whom have carried a change purse or bitten their finger nails while running over their bank statement.

The other day while at Galco’s soda emporium such a product arose fitting all necessary criteria for me to speak between my earlobes the statement previously discussed. A cola, stored within a shaped bottle of glass and labeled with all the necessary lingual and logoed fancies to force one’s eye to spend an extra second photographing the image and sending it through the many chambers of the brain until one of them says, “this little gem deserves a closer look.” This cola carried itself as though it had come from a far away land and offered an alternative to the evils of the coca cola and the pepsi co giants that squash competition within gas station coolers around the globe. Such flavors are branded into our tongues as if they were no different from the backsides of cattle. Our choices have been watered down the same way our colas have been. A man’s brain needs fresh stimuli daily. While sounding like an opinion, this is fact. New experiences are the dawn of progress, and the richer and fuller the experience, well all the better for everyone. I undoubtedly decided, “delicious.”

When placing the cola in my case, I came across the price tag located atop the bottle cap. One normally addresses soda pricing with a simple nonchalance. Reaching for pocket change below the bric-a-brac stored within a pair of pants, enough copper can normally be scratched together to quench the thirst. Today, however, we found out that certain colas stored within glass bottles and labeled with fancies required more than the leftovers from the lunch tab. A 275 ml bottle of Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola comes to a total of $3.29 (plus tax). I have heard from a reliable source that this cola wins awards and trounces upon the competition as though it were a San Antonio Spur, so certain logics outweighed other logics and I handed the bottle to the check-out lady.

Later on, I grabbed Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola from the fridge with the need to quench a thirst compounded by the southern California sunshine and the southern California burritos. I hoped and prayed that along with my thirst, I would vanquish the doubts I had involving being taken for a ride by Mr. Fentiman and his overpriced cola. I capped it, smelled it and sipped it.

The cola tasted alright.

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