July 31, 2007

The wonderful world of YouTube

So we were pretty excited when Michelle at YouTube hooked up the Oh Mandy video on the front page. It was made a featured video on Saturday and has been receiving a bunch of great comments since then:

Roobocop (1 hour ago)
Drupacalypse (3 hours ago)
this is great
i couldnt stop getting boners!

vivek3000 (18 hours ago)
dylan should never have gone electric.
your music sounds commie.
Killerone360 (1 day ago)
His voice kinda sucks cold play is better
supremaciadelmexico (1 day ago)
billjriv1 (1 day ago)
Dear God,I believe Jesus died on the cross so I could be forgiven of my sins and have eternal life in heaven.I believe He rose from the grave.Please forgive me of my sins. Lord Jesus, come and take control of my life. Help me to live for you. Thank you for hearing me and for saving me. I accept the precious gift of eternal life and repent of my sins. In the name of Jesus I pray.-Amen-
Driver3stunts (1 day ago)
9/11 was an inside job.
meggmarie93 (1 day ago)
this song is writtin for my bestfriends sister Amanda. her and Joey went out for two years or so and since he started this career she didnt want to feel second in his life so she broke up with him. there still bestfriends. i see him all the tiem considering my bestfriend lives next door :]
you most likly don't believe me but whatever. that's why we live in the same city and state :p
mrjoshuAtee (1 day ago)
nandroid (2 days ago)
Ah, this song is good. But The Spinto Band is really just a poor man's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Both are good but CYHSY is much better.
Edvinold (2 days ago)
Without doubt this band has Swedish influences.... Sheit. I really want to punch him in the face.
paseko (2 days ago)
jonwiener (2 days ago)
What a video! These gentlemen surely are the bees knees and I am confident that they are all fairly heterosexual.
TwoGuysDrinking (2 days ago)
Wow... okay relax nevermind. Have drink.
spekfoo (2 days ago)
yeah, you're a bunch of huge gay emos.
lightfm (2 days ago)
I know for a fact that these boys aren't gay and they are all really good at Pac-Man. They deserve greatness! They're Pacmasters.
Likkehh (2 days ago)
[]D ][ []\/[] []D ][ []\[]

bluenote311 (2 days ago)
Sin City kicks ass! and so do u guys! and viva el jason becker!
ipoonu (2 days ago)
this song is as old as my year old vagina
protronix (2 days ago)
fucken ice.
WobblingHobGoblin (2 days ago)
Shit dude dont wait to hear from a docter on line, get your ass in to one asap.
longboarddude (2 days ago)
i saw them when they came to portland last year. they talked about bridges and the free transit system. this isn't the first song of theirs youtube has featured.
hetchiX (3 days ago)
it's paper mario all over again! =)
RDJim (3 days ago)
this vid made me hungry for ice.
jflyin123 (3 days ago)
totally gay
TruTV (3 days ago)
emo homo-rock.
ch0fs19 (1 week ago)
I just Love it (:
Best of lucks from Mexico! hehe

And then, as if that isn't overwhelming enough, the video comments are stellar. Here are a couple covers some youtubers did:

What a fun site.


Joey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joey said...


Greasemonkey script that hides Youtube comments. It's become invaluable.

Also, that orchestral cover is amazing.

kelli said...

you forgot this one

krisan said...

reading 'a poor man's clap your hands say yeah' just makes me think of how homeless alec ounsworth looks.

alisa said...

that johnnieTV one is so weird but hilarious.

catalina said...

fairly heterosexual, haaaa!

kari said...

youtube is pretty much a disease.

Ryan said...

"But The Spinto Band is really just a poor man's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah."


mary said...
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