January 1, 2008

The Spinto Band's Best Things of 2007 - "Nick's Picks"

"you're my lover now" by the teeth. these guys are some disgustingly talented fellas.

well this wasn't a song released this year, but "pueblo nuevo" by the buena vista social club was in my head at least once a week, if not once a day, so i think it deserves some fanfare on this year end list.

i don't watch too many movies in the theater, but "the darjeeling limited" was good. although "there will be blood" looks amazing and i have a feeling it might bump this one off the list if i get to the theaters again before the new year.

"the trial of colonel sweeto and other stories" by nicholas gurewitch. speaking of disgustingly talented....

espresso coffee. i never had espresso before this year...interestingly enough it doesn't wig me out as much as regular coffee.

certainly not a new invention, but this year i have really explored the power strip. especially the old computer power strips with a switch for each outlet. i found them a handy way to manage the electricity in my house...after all, those silly lights on radios or televisions still eat up electricity. with power strip switches i can turn off an appliance completely if i'm not using it.

one of the greats...finally on you tube

and a close second:

sweet potato and carrot puree

4 large sweet potatoes (about 2 pounds) of moist variety
1 pound carrots
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1½ sticks of butter (this is a ton of butter, it was haled to 3/4 stick...and it was great)
salt and pepper to taste
½ cup creme fraiche (1 cup heavy cream-not ultra-pasturized, 1 cup dairy sour cream)
½ teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg (optional)
dash of cayenne pepper (optional)

scrub potatoes, cut a small deep slit in the top of each set on center rach of a preheated 375 degree fahrenheit oven. bake for about an hour or until the potatoes are tender when poked with a fork.

peel and trim carrots and cut em into 1 inch lengths. put em in a saucepan and add water, suger, 2 table spoons of butter and salt/pepper to taste. set over medium heat, bring to a boil and cook uncovered until water has evaporated and carrots begin to sizzle in the butter (about 30 miin) the carrots should be tender, if nto add a little water and cook until carrots are tender and liquid has evaporated

scrape out the flesh of sweet potatoes and combine with carrots in the bowl of a food processor fitted with steel blades. add remaining butter and creme fraiche and process until very smooth. add nutmeg and season to taste with salt and pepper add cayenne pepper if you want. place in oven baking dish in a preheated 350 degree fahrenheit oven for about 25 minutes.


espresso coffee.

an iphone, it makes my life amazing! just kidding. i started a bottle collection this year, with an emphasis on ginger beer. i bought an old ceramic ginger beer bottle at a boot sale and that was pretty exciting for me.


Catalina said...

'the darjeeling limited' all the waaaaay (followed closely by 'juno'), but 'there will be blood' was pretty amazing. both wes and p.t. rule.

an said...

thumbs up for bottle collecting!

Michael said...

Yes! What a great surprise to see John and Johnny from AVN make the list. I didn't realize they'd made it onto YouTube.

Twenty five dollars?! Am I doing it or what?!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I just realized it was Thomas who put it up! Nice! I was wondering how the person had gotten the same cut I had...


krisan said...

the teeth album deffffffffffinitely rules.

as does the darjeeling limited which CLEARLY floats on a cloud above any other film this year. thats a digustingly talented display if there ever was one