January 2, 2008

The Spinto Band's Best Things of 2007 - "Sam's Jams"

Michael Ian Black - I'm a Wonderful Man. A perfect title for this man's very funny standup show which was recorded and put on a CD/iTunes. I like it when he makes fun of his kids.

"Laura Palmer's Theme" - Twin Peaks. Like Nick's pick, this is clearly an older song, but I just started watching Twin Peaks this year. Just listening to this alone in a dark room would give me an eerie feeling and sometimes good nightmares.

I just saw Juno a few days ago and I laughed a lot. The lead actress Ellen Page used the word "weinuses" and my dad was proud and said, "I knew I was ahead of my time." My dad says "weinus" a lot.

Time Will Darken It
- William Maxwell. Another older one, but I read it for class and I was entertained.


I found out that baseball players did steroids this year. I cried.

I can't decide between all the great ones I have seen on infomercials lately. Probably the adjustable things you put under door to stop drafts though. Totally cool.



This is a drink recipe I call "The Christmas Russian". Basically the same as a White Russian, but use Egg Nog instead of cream, so...

One part Vodka
One part Coffee Liquor (Kahlua or something)

Jones Soda Football Pack featuring perspiration, dirt, field turf, sports cream, and sweet victory flavors.


EvilRabbit said...

Fuck, did I just get rick rolled????

an said...

Haaa, Rick Rolled again!

krisan said...

mmmm, field turf!

Jake Prante said...

the second youtube video choice... the 7 year old singing looks like Ferguson from clarissa explains it all